A trip to the city

Good times! Thanks to everyone who provided recommendations.

We did take a LONG walk to Purl Patchwork – great little store with fabric to the ceiling. I picked up a few prints – mainly polka dots (see, I just can’t help myself!). It looks like I may have to start another polka dot quilt! (speaking of, photos to come tomorrow of the newly finished Spotted Squares).

I missed out on the City Quilter – closed on Mondays – but I did check out Mood, which really is just as pictured on Project Runway. Overwhelming, for sure.

On Sunday we headed out to Brooklyn to see my cousin Zach and cousin-in-law Kim (I’m going to keep using that term Kim!). We had a great time checking out their new place (wonderful!) and the great shops nearby.

Sunday also happens to be the day of the Brooklyn Flea Market, and how was I to resist? A giant yard sale, I’m there! I thought it was fabulous – Morgan and Zach may say otherwise…

I think this is Zach expressing just how much he was enjoying himself…

loads of treasures, I’m sure!

My favorite little booth was a cute little shop out of Brooklyn called Winter Water Factory. They have great hand printed items and may soon offer fabrics. I bought a couple of their fabric samples – seconds, I think, and tried several times to talk them out of their tablecloth (one of their other fabrics which they did not have available there) – no luck.

On the walk back home, we found another shop selling some fabrics, and so of course I got sucked in

I’m pleased to say that I did not get sucked in by any of these items, also for sale (even the business…)

Anyone interested?!

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