a hug from a marshmallow (a Cotton + Steel Bespoke quilt)


I say it a lot, but this one is definitely my new favorite quilt. I love a soft quilt, and with all this double gauze, this one is extremely soft! I’ve spent some time with it wrapped around me, so I can say for sure that it feels like you’re being hugged by a marshmallow (er, at least what I imagine being hugged by a marshmallow would feel like…)


I used Quilters Dream wool batting this time around, which was a first for me. I typically like a nice flat quilt, so usually opt for their Select or Request battings which are cotton. Long ago though, Rhea of Alewives had recommended the wool to me and I had been wanting to try it ever since. I thought it would be a perfect choice with the double gauze, so decided to give it a go.


Despite my fear of overly puffy quilts, I was surprised how much I love the wool. It does give it a little extra puff, especially when combined with the two layers of double gauze (front and back), but it also makes for a super soft, lightweight, cozy quilt. Big fluffy piles of marshmallows (just look how happy Anna and Hazel look wrapped up in this one!).


Another first for me – hand tying a quilt. I had to laugh because everything I read talked about hand tying being a quick and easy way to finish a quilt. Ha! Having never done so, I sat and stared at the quilt, wondering what to tie it with, what color to use, how close together they should be, etc and I think a few weeks went by with no progress at all! (When I did finally start it was rather quick though).


Those of you who knit might cringe when I tell you that rather than going out to get yarn/embroidery floss/what have you, I dug through my Plucky Knitter yarn stash, and of course the only color I felt would work happened to be cashmere (making this quilt even more expensive!). I used a reddish pink for the corners of each block, and then a pale purple/pink for the centers of each block.


I pieced the backing with lots more double gauze – a large piece of the red print, along with all the leftovers from the front


including tiny hsts from the triangles I was left with from making the blocks on the front.


I couldn’t convince Morgan to wrap this quilt around his body and stand outside in downtown Burlington for quilt photos, but luckily Anna was in town at the time and didn’t seem to have any qualms about wandering around on the docks draped in a quilt! Thanks, Anna!



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A quick tutorial on constructing these blocks

Double gauze fabrics are from the Cotton + Steel Bespoke line, available at many shops, including the following:

Fabric Junkie

Hawthorne Threads

Westwood Acres

Sew Modern

Jones & Vandermeer



Pink Castle Fabrics

Intrepid Thread
and locally at

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happy friday


I’ve been sewing with knits fairly often recently. In my quest to have enough Lindens to wear on a daily basis, I’ve stocked up on various knits. Of course I’m not prepared enough to have photos of said sweatshirts (and I hate doing the modeling!), so instead you get Hazel in cute new knit leggings.


This print is from April Rhodes’ new line, Wanderer, for Art Gallery, and I was happy to find this particular one comes as a knit. I haven’t made myself anything yet from an Art Gallery knit, but I think they’re lovely – nice and soft and substantial.

Each time I post a photo of a knit top on IG, I’m asked where to find good knits, so I thought I’d provide a quick list of the places I check most often. Knits are hard to buy online, and after ending up with a large box of knits that aren’t quite what I was looking for, I try to stick now with a thicker knit, and I’ve had good luck looking for french terry, ponte, interlock or double knit, all of which are more substantial.


Here’s where I shop for knits:

Harts Fabrics (I used this Splendid sweatshirt knit in one of my favorite Lindens¬† – though it’s a looser weave and unravels more than others, so beware of that).
Fabric Junkie has a large apparel section, separated by type.
Drygoods Designs always has a unique and ever changing selection of apparel fabrics, including some fun knits from time to time. I like the looks of this striped one, though I’d probably email Keli to ask about the weight before buying.
Felinus Fabrics on Etsy is where I’ve picked up a number of fun knits recently. She’s out of LA and adds new fabrics quite regularly. I’ve found that you often need to order when you see something you like, as her stock seems to be limited to what’s listed.

For the kids (most often for pj pants and/or leggings), I love the organic knits from Monaluna. The prints are cute and fun and my kids just adore them. As a bonus, the knit holds up really well to many, many washes!

This is just a quick list, and certainly there are great knits to be found in many shops, but hopefully this gives you a little start if you’re interested in ordering knit fabrics!

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Anna came to Vermont and we made market bags…


Should I just add a photo and call it good?

No?¬† It’s true and all – Anna did travel to Vermont last weekend and we did make the market bag from her upcoming book, Handmade Style (due out in just a couple weeks, apparently!). That doesn’t really explain how fun it was and how much I appreciate Phiona of Nido planning such a fun event. Phiona put together a great weekend of sewing with Anna Graham, and while I was there mainly to help out, the lovely ladies attending the event hardly needed any of my help making bags, so in the end I was convinced to make one of my own. I’m not really a bag maker, so I was hesitant to give it a go, but I’m so glad I did (though I did have to have Anna sew a portion of the bag for me!) – I have a great bag now just begging for warmer weather and trips to the farmer’s market.


The bag is a wonderful size, is super sturdy with a layer of soft and stable, and looks so polished with those great leather handles. I’m almost temped to attempt another!


Thanks, Anna and Phiona, for a fun weekend of sewing!

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