(some of the) kitchen quilts


Well, the kitchen renovation has been finished for some time now, but these quilts? Not so much. You might remember how Morgan jokingly suggested that I make 200 quilts to pay for our kitchen renovation.


I made 5 tops in fun combinations of Liberty of London and coordinating prints and solids and then ran out of steam. While I love making these quilts, I’m not cut out for making the same thing over and over.


I did finish up these three quilts a while back. The date stamp on these photos tells me that I took them at the end of July and look, I’m only just now getting around to blogging about these quilts.


I actually still need to get decent individual photos of them, so they’re still not ready to be listed for sale, but hopefully soon!



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split angles quilt


Oh my! Look at this – a finished quilt! The start of Kindergarten for Max and preschool for Hazel has provided me with two mornings a week with just Henry. It’s a strange thing being at home with just one, especially one who naps all morning. I found myself wandering around the house doing nothing, then snapped to and decided finishing an older quilt would be top priority.


It helps that I had already purchased backing for this quilt while at Nido recently. I love this Cotton + Steel print from Alexia’s latest, Print Shop. It’s a great shade of yellow, and printed on unbleached cotton, which seems to lend it a softness that I really like.


The top is a mix of all the Cotton + Steel prints I had on hand at the time. I love me a triangle quilt, and think this one with the split prints in the triangles is kind of fun. Plus, I’m a big fan of that polka dot which makes up the remaining triangles. It was also a good way to use up some smaller pieces of these prints – also a win.


I quilted straight lines on either sides of the seams. Sometimes I feel like it would be nice to be more creative and do something more intricate with the quilting, but when I really think about it, the quilts I like best are quilted pretty simply. And since I don’t have tons of quilting time these days, simpler is better. (That being said, I’m quite looking forward to taking a look at Jacquie Gering’s upcoming book, Walk, as I’d love a few ideas to step up my quilting!)


Hazel spent some time laying under this quilt while I was hand sewing the binding and she’s decided it should be hers. Interestingly enough, I finished it because I was kind of jealous of hers (which is quite similar, and can be seen here). It’s slightly weird to be jealous of a quilt that I made myself, but there you have it. So far I’m hanging on to this one, but we’ll see how long that lasts!

Previous post about this quilt can be found here

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August in a quilt top


Ah, the end of summer. I both hate to see it come, yet enjoy the change of seasons, all at the same time. This year feels like it brings a bigger change as Max will be heading off to Kindergarten (what? how did that happen so fast?). I enjoy the thought of getting a bit more time for sewing, but we’ll see how that goes. I have big plans to get unfinished quilts done, so hopefully it’ll actually happen!


But this quilt. This one wasn’t one I was planning, which makes it all the better. As I mentioned, I enjoyed getting the chance to pick a bundle for the Stash Fabrics Design Star club. As a bonus, I received this bundle in the mail (thank you, Stash Fabrics!), and felt that since it was the bundle for August, I should do my best to sew up a quilt top before the end of the month.


I decided on this simple, yet fun design which pairs a square in square block with a plain square of fabric, sewn like a half square triangle (clear? wait, what? quick tutorial if you’d like…). I swear there was something I saw online that triggered this idea, but I’ve spent a while looking and can’t seem to find the inspiration… if you’ve seen it, let me know – I’d love to credit! (As an aside, anyone have any experience with memory loss after children? Mine’s not coming back, and it’s bad!!)

Edited to add: I found it! (inspiration photo here) I knew I would if I looked long enough! Interestingly enough, the colors even match those I used for this quilt (I didn’t remember that being the case – kinda funny!)


I played around with the design for a while – having the little inner triangles face various different directions, and playing with the colors – and ultimately decided I liked the randomness of this layout. I cheated and added a couple extra solids to get this up to a larger size, but for the most part this is just the fabrics included in the fat quarter bundle.


I already ordered the perfect backing (here, in case you’re wondering), and look forward to getting this one finished!

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