good fabrics gone bad.

I was excited about that fabric bundle I showed recently. I think I liked it because it seemed cool and a bit spare. I thought I’d like it with lots of white or gray solids. So when I set out to start a quilt out of those fabrics I decided to add…



Not a good decision (now it looks nothing like what I had in mind when I pulled out that bundle)! I guess I felt it needed a little something extra. So I made up several blocks and really felt meh about it. I should have cut my losses then, but I was being pretty stubborn and couldn’t seem to let it go. I switched from orange orange to slightly less orange, and a little bit pinkish-reddish and even some pale pink, thinking maybe it would tone it down. Not so much. While I did end up finishing the top, I definitely am not a fan.


I’d love to show you the full top, but temps outside have been below zero and strangely enough no one seems interested in going out to hold up quilts…

So, quilt it, or call it quits now? At what point do you decide to give up on a project you’re not loving?

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cascading pools


I actually haven’t been very productive yet this year (well, that’s not totally true – I’ve tried really hard to be productive, but keep ending up overthinking things and wasting precious sewing time. Alas.) Luckily I can now show you this quilt, which is one I made nearly a year ago, and look productive all at the same time!


I rarely say yes to these kinds of things, but when Sherri Lynn Wood posted that she was looking for contributors to her upcoming book, The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters, I decided to submit a quilt for consideration. I was very much intrigued by the concept for her book, which provides a series of ‘scores’ to guide you to make a number of improv quilts. You already know I’m not much of a pattern-follower. I seem to work better by piecing fabrics improvisationally and allowing the work to evolve as I go. The scores that Sherri provide fall somewhere between the two – giving you certain parameters and a set of guidelines, yet still allowing your work to evolve as you go. I think it’s a really great way to explore a variety of improv techniques (I’m excited to see what type of score she provides for piecing curves).


Don’t worry – I’m not giving anything away by showing you this quilt. It wasn’t selected to be included in the book, but I’m really happy to have made it. The score I followed was a lot of fun, and I really loved seeing how the quilt turned out. [Interestingly enough, I feel like I may have actually been overthinking this quilt – having an idea in mind of how I thought it would/should turn out, and therefore having a bit of trouble letting go and just piecing fabrics as Sherri describes.]

I used some fun fabrics in whites, grays and turquoises, including one of my favorite Maze & Vale prints (that great gray heart print, which is being retired, so if you love it too, be sure to grab some now!). That gray solid is a double gauze and it makes me want to make all the quilts out of double gauze fabrics – so soft (I’ve already been dreaming of a Bespoke quilt, despite not yet having any of the fabric in hand!)


The backing is a solid piece of an Anna Maria Horner print. I usually piece a backing from leftovers from the front, or use a larger piece of one of the prints I used in the quilt top, but this time I opted to go with something different. I like how it adds another fabric to this quilt which uses a relatively small number of prints/solids. (Binding is Kona Raisin, a long time favorite – and one I particularly love with turquoise)


I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Sherri’s book come March. I know I’m going to want to give a few of her other scores a try!

_ _ _

P.S. Thank you to those who notified me of a blog issue, and apologies for those who received strange email notifications and/or noticed random posts about restaurants. It’s being looked into now, and hopefully should be all sorted out soon!


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on the sewing table today


This pile. Feeling oh so very wintery and appropriate for January. I’m not sure yet what it will become, but I think I’ll spend some time this afternoon trying to figure it out!

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