split angles quilt


Oh my! Look at this – a finished quilt! The start of Kindergarten for Max and preschool for Hazel has provided me with two mornings a week with just Henry. It’s a strange thing being at home with just one, especially one who naps all morning. I found myself wandering around the house doing nothing, then snapped to and decided finishing an older quilt would be top priority.


It helps that I had already purchased backing for this quilt while at Nido recently. I love this Cotton + Steel print from Alexia’s latest, Print Shop. It’s a great shade of yellow, and printed on unbleached cotton, which seems to lend it a softness that I really like.


The top is a mix of all the Cotton + Steel prints I had on hand at the time. I love me a triangle quilt, and think this one with the split prints in the triangles is kind of fun. Plus, I’m a big fan of that polka dot which makes up the remaining triangles. It was also a good way to use up some smaller pieces of these prints – also a win.


I quilted straight lines on either sides of the seams. Sometimes I feel like it would be nice to be more creative and do something more intricate with the quilting, but when I really think about it, the quilts I like best are quilted pretty simply. And since I don’t have tons of quilting time these days, simpler is better. (That being said, I’m quite looking forward to taking a look at Jacquie Gering’s upcoming book, Walk, as I’d love a few ideas to step up my quilting!)


Hazel spent some time laying under this quilt while I was hand sewing the binding and she’s decided it should be hers. Interestingly enough, I finished it because I was kind of jealous of hers (which is quite similar, and can be seen here). It’s slightly weird to be jealous of a quilt that I made myself, but there you have it. So far I’m hanging on to this one, but we’ll see how long that lasts!

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