August in a quilt top


Ah, the end of summer. I both hate to see it come, yet enjoy the change of seasons, all at the same time. This year feels like it brings a bigger change as Max will be heading off to Kindergarten (what? how did that happen so fast?). I enjoy the thought of getting a bit more time for sewing, but we’ll see how that goes. I have big plans to get unfinished quilts done, so hopefully it’ll actually happen!


But this quilt. This one wasn’t one I was planning, which makes it all the better. As I mentioned, I enjoyed getting the chance to pick a bundle for the Stash Fabrics Design Star club. As a bonus, I received this bundle in the mail (thank you, Stash Fabrics!), and felt that since it was the bundle for August, I should do my best to sew up a quilt top before the end of the month.


I decided on this simple, yet fun design which pairs a square in square block with a plain square of fabric, sewn like a half square triangle (clear? wait, what? quick tutorial if you’d like…). I swear there was something I saw online that triggered this idea, but I’ve spent a while looking and can’t seem to find the inspiration… if you’ve seen it, let me know – I’d love to credit! (As an aside, anyone have any experience with memory loss after children? Mine’s not coming back, and it’s bad!!)

Edited to add: I found it! (inspiration photo here) I knew I would if I looked long enough! Interestingly enough, the colors even match those I used for this quilt (I didn’t remember that being the case – kinda funny!)


I played around with the design for a while – having the little inner triangles face various different directions, and playing with the colors – and ultimately decided I liked the randomness of this layout. I cheated and added a couple extra solids to get this up to a larger size, but for the most part this is just the fabrics included in the fat quarter bundle.


I already ordered the perfect backing (here, in case you’re wondering), and look forward to getting this one finished!

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