intersection (take 2, in Tiger Lily)


In an attempt to keep some variety on this here blog, I thought I’d hold off on the Tiger Lily triangle quilt I mentioned in my last post. Back to back triangle posts….no good! (Ha!)


Fortunately, I couldn’t resist a second quilt out of Heather Ross’s upcoming Tiger Lily collection (for Windham Fabrics). There’s a fun variety of prints and colors, so while my initial quilt includes lots of low volume prints, I decided to go bright and juicy with this one. After selecting some of my favorite prints, I added in a bunch of coordinating prints and then decided that it could be a fun grouping for another Intersections quilt.


I loved making the first (tutorial here), and I’m happy to say that the second was just as much fun, not to mention fast! While you can certainly take your time selecting fabrics and making individual blocks, it’s also a great block for speed sewing. I paired fabrics for 10-12 blocks at a time and then chain pieced the rings for that batch of blocks, and had this little quilt top done in no time!


Since I had already cut into most of the fat quarters of the Tiger Lily prints, I was limited as to the size of my center block, so I decided to adjust the center block measurement down a bit (I used 6″, 6 1/2″ & 7″ center squares), while keeping the other measurements the same. Happily it didn’t really change the look of the block (though it does make for a smaller block, finishing at 9″, I believe).


That plum/purple was a last minute addition, and I wasn’t completely sure about it for a while, but now I’m pretty happy with the extra shot of color it provides!


Max and Hazel are both totally in love with the cats in Heather’s new line (going so far as to kiss each piece of fabric showing a kitty whenever they see it), and after I suggested Hazel might like the equilateral triangle quilt out of the Tiger Lily prints, Max was adamant that he had to have one too. He’s very thrilled to hear that this one can be his (ah, always nice to know a quilt will be appreciated — at least while he’s this age!)




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