city gym shorts!


The free city gym shorts pattern was posted on the Purl Bee recently, and I had it printed out the same day. [And yes, it’s as great, and as fast!, as I thought it would be!] Since then, I’ve been a bit obsessed with making (and wearing!) these shorts. I like the chambray paired with the Liberty, so I haven’t veered from their design, though if you check the #citygymshorts tag on IG, you’ll find them made up in a variety of fabrics.

I find the Liberty to be a bit thin (not so much for shirts, but perhaps a bit thin for something covering my bottom half!) so I opted to use a layer of Liberty along with a layer of voile. I cut two pairs of each front piece (one each of the Liberty and one each of the voile) and just treated it as one fabric (I think Meredith mentioned doing this?). I really like the extra little bit of weight it provides. So far I’ve made the three pairs above, and also a plain chambray pair, which I was wearing while taking this photo, and I have a lightweight (unlined) pair nearly completed for pajama bottoms.


And of course Hazel needed a couple pairs as well. Nothing cuter than a little one who’s just learned to walk wearing teeny little gym shorts!

I couldn’t get my act together to get photos of us actually modeling these shorts, though you can see a partial photo of mine here and a pic of Hazel in hers here.

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