all signs point…


It was inevitable. With extra Cotton + Steel prints sitting on my sewing table, I could only resist so long before cutting them up for a second quilt. This time I paired many of Alexia’s Hatbox prints along with many of the C+S basics and a print or two from Melody’s Mustang and Rashida’s Moonlit lines (I love how all these collections mix and match!)


I decided to go for something a little faster this time (faster than my previous Cotton+Steel quilt, that is) – I love triangles (though I don’t really love sewing them together!), and thought it would be fun to play around with something other than an equilateral triangle. I wanted a pointier triangle, so drew up this isosceles triangle.


My inspiration for this one was from products from Ferm Living. I’d seen many of their fun products that feature triangles, and in my mind, I remembered them as being pointy triangles with a lot of white space that allowed the colors to really shine. I made this quilt without looking back at their products – thinking it was better to go with what I remembered I liked of their design rather than being influenced by having just seen their products. When I looked back at them just now to link, I like that my memory of their design wasn’t quite exact – I think it gives the feel of their design without being a replica.


I’m really pleased with how this one came out (for a while I was worried that my hand drawn triangles would come together in a crazy mess that would never line up correctly!) I love these colors together, especially since navy isn’t a color I typically use in quilts.


I’ve really had fun playing around with these great new prints – July will certainly be a fun fabric month! Tiger cats? Who can resist?!

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