Spring plus


Often times I feel pressure (mostly self induced!) to try to come up with a new design for each new stack of fabric I put together. And while I love thinking of different ways to sew fabric together, sometimes, and especially now while my sewing time is limited, I just want to sew fabric together. I want it to be easy and I need it to be fast, and sometimes I just want to see pretty fabrics paired together.


This is one of those times. It seems like forever since I’ve had a chance to sew up a quilt top, so after purchasing these gorgeous Leah Duncan Meadow fabrics, I was quick to pull out some other coordinating prints – some Squared Elements, some Rapture, a couple Liberty prints, and even a lovely Umbrella Prints fabric (I showed my initial fabric pull the other day). I have a recipient in mind, and I think this light, bright, Springy, girly but not too girly look will be perfect.


I knew immediately I wanted to see these prints in a plus quilt design – I thought the mix of lighter and more saturated prints would provide some nice contrast, and I’m really pleased with the results! Now I just have to decide on a backing… solid? one of the prints from the front? Opinions are welcome!

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