These photos are from our vacation at the end of last year, but I just realized that I never got around to posting them. With the weather the way it’s been around here –  cold and snowy – I’ve certainly been dreaming of Florida, so it seems only appropriate that I should post these forgotten photos of the sunset + the beach + quilt blocks(?!).


All handsewn (and quite wonky as a result!)


And a nice reminder of a great time spent in one of our favorite places.

[I’m not one to voluntarily sew quilt blocks by hand, but I must admit that it was an interesting experience. At the time I found I really liked doing it, but now that I think back about it, I’m wondering if I just enjoyed it because it filled my need for sewing while I was away from my sewing machine. Someday I’ll pull them out again to see if the experience is still enjoyable!]

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