off the wall… finally!


I started this quilt in December of last year, as a little look back at 2013. I put together many of the sections and had them up on the wall, and thought for sure I’d finish it at the very beginning of January. But then it sat. All it needed was for me to fill in all the sections with white, but blah… boring! I put it off for sewing that I found more enjoyable, all the while looking at it daily and thinking I needed to finish it.


Each and every day I put it on my to do list, but each and every day I ignored it for something more interesting. I almost took it down several times, but knew that if I did, I’d likely never finish it. Recently I found myself really needing the design wall, so ultimately it had to be finished or removed, so finished it was (and to be honest, it wasn’t really all that much work, so I really should have done it sooner!).


Anyway, the quilt! It’s made out of a fun selection of prints from Umbrella Prints’ Floating World, along with lots of coordinating solids and prints.


The prints from this line are on a great quilting weight cotton, but are extra wide, so there’s lots of fabric to work with. I’m particularly fond of this peach print and this green one. They’re certainly colors I find lacking in my stash.


I thought it would be fun to make up a variety of sections for this quilt – a sampler of sorts – based on designs I used in quilts in 2013, so there’s a bunch of flying geese, some plusses, improv log cabins, wonky crosses, half square triangles and some strips here and there.


I have the perfect green backing in mind (and right from my stash, too!) so hopefully this quilt top will become a real quilt before too long!

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