pixelated catnap rainbow


I’m really happy with how this one turned out! It’s nice and simple, though rather than laying it out in a random layout, I had fun playing with the fabric/color placement to create this pixelated rainbow.


I decided to quilt it with a circle in each square (quick tutorial here), as I did with this patchwork quilt. I like the look, even though it takes a bit longer and requires more maneuvering than straight lines.


This cat dream print is one of my favorites from this line, and I think it makes a mighty fine backing, especially when paired with a rainbow of the remaining solids! Binding is a narrow brown and white stripe by Lecien.


And as for the photo location? I just couldn’t resist the ice on Lake Champlain. It’s not often that the lake freezes this solidly (not since 2007, according to google), but with it being so cold this winter, the lake has a very solid covering of ice. When we took these photos a couple weeks ago, the lake at the Burlington waterfront was busy with people and dogs walking, sledding and skating. I find it so fun to be able to walk out there – Morgan, not so much. He was definitely wishing that someone else was the quilt holder this time around!



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