pixelated catnap rainbow


I’m really happy with how this one turned out! It’s nice and simple, though rather than laying it out in a random layout, I had fun playing with the fabric/color placement to create this pixelated rainbow.


I decided to quilt it with a circle in each square (quick tutorial here), as I did with this patchwork quilt. I like the look, even though it takes a bit longer and requires more maneuvering than straight lines.


This cat dream print is one of my favorites from this line, and I think it makes a mighty fine backing, especially when paired with a rainbow of the remaining solids! Binding is a narrow brown and white stripe by Lecien.


And as for the photo location? I just couldn’t resist the ice on Lake Champlain. It’s not often that the lake freezes this solidly (not since 2007, according to google), but with it being so cold this winter, the lake has a very solid covering of ice. When we took these photos a couple weeks ago, the lake at the Burlington waterfront was busy with people and dogs walking, sledding and skating. I find it so fun to be able to walk out there – Morgan, not so much. He was definitely wishing that someone else was the quilt holder this time around!



This quilt uses all the prints from Lizzy House's new Catnap line. I've also included a number of coordinating basics and solids. Catnap is available in many shops, including those of many of my sponsors.

Original post about this quilt can be found here.

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25 Responses to pixelated catnap rainbow

  1. 1
    Kate says:

    What a location! Great quilt, but I’m just stunned by those giant boulder-like chunks of ice – not like anything I’ve ever seen (certainly not in Melbourne, Australia).

  2. 2
    Sharon Eshlaman says:

    Very pretty. You went the extra mile for your display. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 3
    Ock Du Spock says:

    WOW! Oh my goodness that first picture just too my breath away. Really, what a great shot! Geez it must have been cold though. Full points for commitment!

  4. 4
    Kim B. says:

    Your quilt is beautiful and that first photo with the colors popping against the gray ice is especially stunning.

  5. 5
    Sarah Helene Seufert says:

    FANTASTIC coloration in this QUILT! I like the prints from Lizzy House’s “Catnip” line . . . interspersed squares of prints & solids too to form a rainbow effect. The backing is FAB! Your “quilting” done in a circle within each square is UNIQUE, indeed! Your artistic endeavors shine through for this lovely quilt. What a photo shoot — on the edge of a frozen lake. BRAVO! Sarah in Minneapolis, MN

  6. 6
    Fran says:

    What a fabulous quilt, absolutely love this!

  7. 7
    Carla says:

    Wonderful! and great location. Don’t you just love finding fun places to take pics?

  8. 8
    Malini says:

    Beautiful quilt and awesome location!
    That cat dream print was my favorite too. But when I saw the aqua/light blue butterfly print I traded for that.

  9. 9
    Linda says:

    Very nice quilt! I think this one is my favorite of Lizzie’s collections. I’m with Morgan when it comes to walking on the ice!

    xo Linda

  10. 10
    Linda Bee says:

    Ashley…are your quilts on Pinterest?

  11. 11
    Janet M. says:

    Oh, WOW! What a great way to bring some warmth into such a frigid location. Beautiful quilt!

  12. 12
    Pam says:

    Wow! This quilt is spectacular and your photo session is fantastic. I love your artistry in this blog post. Thanks for showing us your final result.

  13. 13
    Kar says:

    The quilt has a wonderful patchy feel to it. Love the circle quilting. And the photo shoot location could not be more neat. Awesome!

  14. 14
    wintu nancy says:

    Love the quilt,but my first thought when I saw the first photo was that it made me nervous. I’m with your husband, don’t care how thick the ice is, not my cup of tea! Thanks for all the beautiful things and ideas you share with us. AND coming from a ‘granny’, it is very nice to see so many young quilters. We need another generation to carry this on and you all are doing a great job.

  15. 15
    Lynne Tilley says:

    Love the quilt so much. It’s beautiful. And the photo is gorgeous, all that ice. We don’t see things like that down here in Texas. Not on that scale πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  16. 16
  17. 17

    That first picture is iconic. Death-defying.

  18. 18
    Gill says:

    WOW! Amazing pics. In the first one, the quilt looks as if it’s floating on water….Love the quilt.

  19. 19
    Margaret says:

    great quilt with a good backing too

  20. 20
    Amber says:

    Um, amazing! I love that quilting! I happened to be visiting Burlington in winter 2007, I have a picture with my friend standing on the lake, I thought it was always like that in winter, so beautiful!

  21. 21
    Chelsea says:

    Your colors are always fantastic! Another great finish πŸ™‚

  22. 22
    Tracy E says:

    Love this!!!! So happy.

  23. 23
    Hillary says:

    That picture on the ice is priceless and love the quilt too. Beautifully done as is all your work.

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