happy valentine’s day!


Happy Valentine’s day! I couldn’t resist making up a little red and pink quilt for the occasion. These solid triangles were some I cut ages ago (I cut a bunch of Kona and Cotton Couture solids in a variety of colors, though I don’t remember now what I was going to make!). I pulled out all the reds, pinks and oranges and had just enough for a baby sized quilt.


My trusty sewing machine seems to be acting up, despite getting it a tune up last week, so quilting it was a challenge, and certainly not my best work (also? I did a pretty poor job basting this one, so perhaps I should blame myself and not the machine!). I hate to think it might be time for a new machine, but seems that may be so. This one certainly has gotten a lot of use!


I was a little bummed when I finished it (I had used a big chunk of a favorite Umbrella Prints fabric on the backing, and was sad that the quilt didn’t turn out quite as I had hoped) so I just grabbed the first solid out of my solid bin for binding, which happened to be this acid-y yellow. In the dark last night it was hard to tell if it was an ok choice, but I’m pleased to see in the light of day that it actually gives this little quilt a fun pop of color!


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