an open wide zip pouch set


Have you made any of these yet? The pattern, of course, is Anna Graham’s Open Wide¬† Zipper Pouch, and I’ve made a number of these little bags since she posted her free tutorial (though in looking back, it looks like I’ve failed to blog even one of them). It seems that as soon as I finish one, I turn my back and next thing I know, it’s holding matchbox cars, pretend food, or any number of other little toys. Max is certainly a big fan of the open wide zip pouch!


I made this set for our family Christmas gift swap – I was hoping I might end up with them, but no such luck! I loved Anna’s set here, and since I had some similar Umbrella Prints scraps here, I pretty much copied hers. (Hopefully she’ll be flattered?)


Anyway, if you haven’t yet tried this pattern, go make a few! It’s quite a satisfying sew, and so useful!


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