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Is there anything better than a friend who knows exactly what you like and who surprises you with it? I think not! (Even better when that friend is a fabric lover too!) Phiona is one such friend, and she seems to have my fabric preferences nailed. I don’t recall mentioning how long I had been wanting some of the hand printed fabrics from Arounna of Bookhou (the answer? a long time!), so I was surprised when she showed up recently with a scrap bundle of all the prints.


Each piece was about 7″ x 9″, and as usual, my goal was to use them together and to see how large a quilt I could make while still having these prints be the focal point. I added in a few darker colored solids and a bunch of neutrals and while both kids were sleeping (at the same time!) the other day, I cut everything up into 2 1/4″ squares.


And next time I have a bit of time I hope to get them up on the design wall. Now that a month has passed since Hazel was born, things are just starting to get a bit less crazy and it’s been nice to find little bits of time to play with fabrics!

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    anna says:

    how generous!!! love these! I actually ordered the dark print and have been waiting to make myself something with it. can’t wait!!!

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    Sarah Schraw says:

    Those are great fabrics! Can’t wait to see what you do.

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    CJ says:

    Oh those fabrics are so beautiful. I love Arounna’s designs. Bookhou is a wonderful site full of wonderful things. I can’t wait to see what deliciousness you make from those prints.

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    Sarah says:

    Im right there with ya….I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old and I cherish the time when their naps overlap…my mind often drifts to fabric instead of some of the other adult tasks I should/could be doing. Keep up the good work mama! It’s not an easy job, but someone’s got to do it!

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    jody deschenes says:

    looks like i love Phiona, too (: no matter what you do with these, it will be one of your most beautiful pieces ever…these are breathtaking!

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    That is fabulous, I read the mag, and made a wish list.. I love it and I can see why its so special to you. My mom goes to Canada alot.. I sent her my list……

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    Betsy says:

    That Phiona really is a doll!

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    Jess says:

    A very cute variety of fabrics.

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    Meg says:

    That is such an elegant, sophisticated, but soothing stack of little squares! Handprinted opens up a new world of fabric goodness!

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    katie says:

    I always love your color picks.

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