a little liberty wall hanging


For being so small, this quilt certainly took a long time to become an actual quilt! I just looked back to see my initial post about these blocks, and it was way back in October of 2011.


This one uses small pieces of long-horded pieces of Liberty of London, made into cute little wonky cross blocks – each measuring 3.5″. At one point I think I had grand plans that this would become lap sized at least, but after all this time I had to finally come to terms with the fact that that just wasn’t going to happen! I made up most of these blocks and stuck them up on the design wall over our dining room table, and it had been a permanent art installation for over a year.


I’m kind of glad that I waited though, since I now had a very good reason to finish this one up. It will soon (once I sew up a hanging sleeve, that is!) hang on the wall in the baby’s nursery, and I’m happy that both Max and the new baby will have a little something handmade hanging on their walls (Max’s wall hanging can be seen here).


What you don’t see here is how many times I had to stop to pick up this quilt off the ground. I love this tape, but perhaps it wasn’t the best choice for taping a quilt to the side of a barn. My helpers stuck around for a few minutes, then found the side of the road to be far more entertaining.


(his biggest wave for each and every passing car!)

Want to pick up some Liberty of London fabrics? I bought some of these scraps from Jo at Organic Stitch Company, a couple from my local shop, Nido, and Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics is now carrying a nice selection.
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