another round of the traveling quilts


This bee has been a lot of fun so far! Each quilt is so unique, and just keeps getting better as each quilt grows. Every time I receive a new quilt, I put all the pieces up on my design wall, which still hangs over our dining room table (I used to sew there, but then moved to the living room, and somehow never got around to moving the design wall). As it turns out, having the design wall there has been kind of fun – Max’s seat at the table faces the design wall and seems to really love seeing the ever changing art. He loved pointing out the airplane Faith added to Monica’s quilt, and this time around he was absolutely in love with the Pac-Man that Monica added to this quilt (Elizabeth‘s).


Anyway, long story short, I finally took it off the wall so I could add my part (Max was sad, but I thought it was about time I passed it along!). Jacquie had added a great cassette tape, so I started thinking along those lines and decided to play around with some triangles, turning them on their side to look a bit like forward/reverse. I had fun playing with those neons and black and white prints and paired it up with some white space adding three columns to this quilt. And now it’s on its way to John!


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