on the wall…


I came across this image on pinterest a while back and immediately wanted my own gray quilt. I pulled out all my gray fabrics, but then waffled on what pattern to use. Then I wasn’t sure if I even liked all those grays together – like gray paint (which I also find hard to pick) some had too much of a bluish or greenish hue, or looked too yellow compared to the others.


After working on Elizabeth’s quilt, I felt the urge to play with some more triangles. I went ahead and cut up all my gray prints, along with a bunch of bright solids, thinking I’d play around and mix them all up together. I looked at it on the wall and wasn’t in love, so went back to the idea of an all gray quilt. I’m still not totally sold, but it’s growing on me. I’m leaving it on the wall for now while I continue thinking about it…


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