rainbow plus scrap quilt

I’m pretty smitten with this one! I started this quilt in an attempt to use up some scraps, but then decided to keep it on the small side, so as far as using up scraps? well, I have some more work to do. But that aside, what I love most about it is seeing so many favorite fabrics in one little quilt.

I separated my scraps by color, then cut 2.5″ squares and laid out a variety of colored plusses, each made up of five unique prints. I filled in around the plusses with some bright white to really make the bright prints stand out.

I decided to quilt it with an uneven herringbone design again (I quilted my Swirling Swans quilt in a similar manner). This one isn’t as densely quilted and I love how it looks. I like how it doesn’t take away from the plus design, yet adds a little something to the white sections.

And I love how it looks on the backing too! I used up some of the remaining squares to make up these colored stripes, arranged in rainbow order. It’s all finished off with a dark charcoal print for binding.

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