Ruby Strings – a PDF chart

I hope no one’s been waiting too long for this! Thanks to Morgan, I (finally!) created a downloadable PDF for you which shows the chart I used to create my Ruby Strings quilt (or ‘Ruby’s All Strung Out’, as I’ve been referring to it lately…memorable, but maybe not the best blog title!)

Download: Ruby Strings Chart

For this quilt, I used 11″ square blocks – 6 blocks by 7 blocks, which results in a quilt that measures about 63.5″ x 74″– a generous throw. I used Bonnie and Camille’s lovely Ruby fabrics, and by my estimates, you’ll need about 40 fat eighths (I had a 40 FQ bundle, and have about half left over). I’d guess that you’d also need around 4 yards of solid white (or your solid of choice).

These blocks use the same technique as described in my String Block tutorial, so I’m not going to recreate that here for you. Just check over here for the instructions for creating string blocks.

Each block starts with a 1″ strip of white (or your solid of choice) running diagonally through the block. Then you can refer to the PDF chart for the width of the print and solid for each block. (Please note that you will always start with a printed fabric on either side of the diagonal 1″ white strip). Continue adding prints and solids of the called for width until you’ve covered one side of the block.

Unlike the scrappy version of the string quilt, the goal with this quilt design is to get the strips to line up. This can be kind of a challenge, especially with those really narrow strips! Tips? Make sure your 1″ white strip is centered diagonally through the block, be sure to maintain the same seam allowance throughout, and be sure to iron (or finger press) each strip well (and consistently!). That being said, I wouldn’t worry too much if things are a bit off – there are many strings in my quilt which aren’t perfectly aligned, but I don’t think anyone would notice!

I hope you’ll find this chart helpful! I found it useful to cross off each block on the chart as I made them, so I’d know which blocks I still needed to make. If you make a similar quilt, be sure to add it to my Flickr group – I’d love to see it! And as always, feel free to ask any questions here. I’ll answer in the comments!


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