stripes + dots

A bit of new fabric found its way into the house recently –

It’s Children at Play by Sarah Jane, and I think it’s wonderful. I particularly love those stripes, which I may have purchased in every color. I also can’t resist a good polka dot. (purchased here and here)

I’ve already cut into some of the stripes for yet another pair of pants for Max. He keeps growing right out of each pair I make! These are a bit bigger all around, and I added a few inches in length, so hopefully they’ll last for a little while. (Would it be overkill to make a pair in each of the stripes? probably…)

And speaking of that little cutie, I can’t resist showing a couple of photos from this week.

He certainly loves that thumb! Unfortunately, he’s started waking a couple times in the middle of the night (just when I was starting to get really used to a full night’s sleep!) and he doesn’t seem to find his thumb at that time. I’m hoping it’s just a phase (4 month sleep regression?) and hopefully he’ll return to a better sleeping schedule soon. I can hope, right?

As far as this weekend, here’s my to do list –

Perhaps a bit ambitious… We shall see!

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