red + purple quilt

I finished up this red and purple quilt and I love it! Which is really kind of weird, since neither red nor purple have ever topped my list for favorite colors.

I used a variety of red and purple solids and monochromatic prints in the same colors for the improv blocks. Then I sashed those blocks in a dark gray solid. I sashed three of the blocks in a dark gray printed fabric (though the print reads a bit lighter than I was hoping for) for a bit of variety.

Then these blocks were sashed with a nice light gray. I had two matching monochromatic gray prints, which I decided to mix in, and I do believe it’s one of my favorite parts. I think it adds some fun and interest to the sashing.

I kept the back pretty simple, using the same light gray sashing color, along with a wide improv strip of the remaining red and purple scraps.

I love me some straight line quilting, and I really love the quilting Kate did on this quilt (I may have mentioned this once or twice before!) so I decided to give it a try on this quilt. I marked the centerpoint of the quilt and then drew on lines 1″ apart for this fun chevron pattern.

It’s all bound with Kona Cerise, which I love. This color looks so great with the gray sashing and backing. Originally this quilt was intended for the shop, but well, I kind of love it… (and yes, this is exactly how we ended up with so many quilts in this house!)

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