a quilt in jewel tones

It’s been quite hot here recently. Too hot for quilting, in fact. (And obviously too hot for blogging too!). Instead, I’ve been hanging out under the ceiling fan and cooling myself off with iced coffees. I made my own following this recipe that Erin linked to recently, and it’s good! Will definitely be making more once this batch is gone!

So instead of finishing up any of those older quilts, I decided to start a new one. Slowly piecing a few blocks doesn’t make me quite as hot as the thought of actually quilting a quilt. This pile of fabrics has been shelved since I showed them here. At the time, I thought they’d make a great winter quilt, what with all those darker jewel tones. I clearly didn’t get it done in time for last winter, so perhaps this winter?

In addition to the previously pulled stack of reds and purples, I pulled out some corresponding solids in the same colors

Then did a little editing and ended up with this pile (I couldn’t decide about that floral one in the center, which is why it’s off by itself. I’m thinking I’ll skip it…)

And now I’ve started making up some improv blocks. I’m going with simple blocks and cutting them down to 8″ square. We’ll see where it goes from here!

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