Max’s summer wardrobe

I usually get the urge to make myself a few summer pieces, but this year it was all about Max! What baby couldn’t benefit from a few new pairs of shorts and pants? (especially a baby who goes through several outfits a day)

Plus, it’s certainly easier to make baby clothes, and it requires a lot less fabric! (though that may mean that you can talk yourself into “just one more pair!”, as is the case here)

I started out making him a couple pairs of shorts. I traced a pair he already owned that fit well.

I’ve been collecting Lilly Pulitzer fabrics for a long time now (maybe someday I’ll make a Lilly quilt!) – while most of those prints are pretty girly, I found a couple in my stash that work for Max.

And then, because I couldn’t resist, I made up a third pair out of this cute print I swapped for ages ago. Aren’t those little frogs cute? Rae just used some on one of her cute Charlie tunics (on my list to make once Max gets a little bigger).

After making several pairs of shorts, I thought he should really have some pants too… I used the same pattern I had traced and just extended the length.

This cute Heather Ross tadpole pair got a cute green trim at the bottom

As soon as I saw the new Heather Ross line, Far Far Away 3, I knew that I wanted to see that laundry print as pants! The lightweight linen/cotton blend is wonderful as pants, and I think they just keep getting softer with each wash. I think I actually woke up this morning thinking about how I’d like PJs out of this print (but it probably won’t happen, as I’d need a whole lot more fabric!)

For this pair, I added a cuff in a coordinating solid, which I hope will mean he can wear them a bit longer.

I did the same for this last pair – made out of this fun print, Swedish Forest, which is a great print from Jennifer Moore’s Anika line. I think this is it for now, but I’m sure that once he grows out of these, I’m sure you’ll see me making up a few new pairs!!

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