strawberry seas baby strip quilt

I’m so glad that you guys like strips quilts too (and that you don’t seem to mind seeing several others!)

This one is for sure an instant favorite – you certainly can’t go wrong with Heather Ross fabrics. Anyone who’s sewn with these fabrics know how supremely soft and lovely they are.

I went for an overly pink look here, using all the blush Mendocino prints, and adding in several other Kona solids in various shades of pink. (The little bit of orange is there to try and prevent this one from being too sugary sweet!)

And because the Heather Ross fabrics are so fabulous, I opted to not piece the backing and instead use one full piece of this octopus print.

As you can imagine, the result is a super soft quilt – one I wish was more my size and less baby sized!

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