strip quilt love – a baby flea market fancy version

I sometimes get hung up on a particular type of quilt. In the past there have been many string quilts, and many many patchwork quilts out of all my favorite fabric lines. Currently? Strip quilts. And I think I should apologize ahead of time for the number of strip quilts you may see here coming up. I’ve been a tad obsessed!

This particular one is a favorite, not only because it’s made out of the lovely Flea Market Fancy, but also because of it’s cute little size – perfect for a new baby. (If I had to guess, I’d say it’s about 35″ x 45″ or so – it’s upstairs and I’m downstairs… need I say more?)

I know I said I wasn’t going to make any more quilts for the baby, but I think you should have known that was a lie. A Flea Market Fancy quilt was a necessity. I’m hoping that the baby will embrace a little pink in his life!

I used gray for the backing, along with two pieced sections which were left over from the front. I always like straight line quilting on strip quilts – it creates a nice pattern of horizontal lines on the backing.

I’ll be back soon with another strip quilt!

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