a little greenfield hill in green

I’ll admit that when I first saw photos of Denyse Schmidt’s new Greenfield Hill line, I wasn’t over the moon with it. In fact, I thought that this might be a line that I passed by, mainly because these aren’t the typical colors I’m drawn to. When it came down to it though, I decided I ought to reserve judgment until I saw it in person, so I ordered a FQ stack from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. Upon arrival, I still wasn’t sold – still darker than what I typically go for.

But to give it a fair chance, I decided to make a quilt using the green colorway (dogwood, I think?). I went to my stash to add in a few other prints, and had a little trouble (due to my love of brighter colors, my stash is filled with the same!). In the end I came up with this pile – adding in some Moda Lush (too bad this line is out of print, because I love how they look together!), a little Cake Rock Beach, a couple japanese polka dotted prints (purchased here), and a few Essex cotton/linen solids. And suddenly I was really feeling the possibilities of this little pile!

I had a design plan in mind, but at the last minute decided it just wasn’t right, so I decided to revisit an old favorite – a Denyse Schmidt inspired improv block, which seems only appropriate, right?

I made up four such blocks yesterday, and now I should be the first to admit that my opinion has definitely changed. I’m no longer iffy on this line – in fact I’m quite taken with it and can’t wait to make up some more blocks!

I hope to have a whole stack to show you in the near future!

In case anyone's looking, Greenfield Hill is on sale here for $7.75/yd.
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    Liz says:

    Oh gosh, and here I was, NOT going to buy this fabric.

    I felt the same way when Hope Valley came out, to be honest. I really didn’t love a lot of the prints individually. But something about the way they come together as a whole when you actually sew with them is almost magical.

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    Dianne says:

    THANKS!!!!!!! I was feeling the same way about this new fabric line as well and I LOVE Denyse Schmidt’s fabrics and patterns (I am currently making a Single Girl quilt). I knew you could do something AWESOME with it. THANKS for opening my eyes to it.


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    Kate Erbach says:

    It’s the shot of that fresh spring green that gives it the kick. I think these are lovely.

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    I just you would do something wonderful with this line! I too was a little iffy at first first sight but I was seduced pretty early on … I can’t wait to get my mitts on some after my stupid self-imposed fabric diet!

    I love what you’ve done 🙂

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    Sarah M says:

    I was really looking forward to seeing what people did with this line, and you didn’t disappoint! The blocks are inspired, and look great. I think Greenfield Hill is terrific from a technical viewpoint, but it’s not for me. Which makes it all the more fascinating to me how you make this work in a way I really like.

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    randi says:

    i like this! this is going to be an eye-catching quilt!

    there have been such mixed reactions about this line, but it is quite lovely “in person”. it has been nice seeing the projects that have been made from it.

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    mary says:

    Thanks for the peek…I am usually a bright, bright girl…but I actually like this line. It has a lot of depth even tho it is on the more toned down. Thanks!

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    I was so afraid this was going happen. There was nothing about this line that enticed me to buy it. Finally. Something I could bypass and save my money.

    Until today. Those blocks are really wonderful. That’s the magic about adding other fabric. It changes everything. And now I’m probably going to fork over some money and at least get some fat quarters. *sigh*

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    Sophia says:

    So lovely Ashley!!! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!

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    elsa says:

    I’ve heard so many mixed comments about this fabric ~ I LOVE it and it’s wonderful to
    see it sewn up into blocks. Thanks for sharing!

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    Nicole says:

    The color combination looks gorgeous.

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    Don’t love love love the fabric, but think that the combos you made turned out great!

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    I have read this same sentiment about the latest DSQ collection – generally it’s a blase feeling that becomes enamored. Can’t wait to see the finished piece. Wonderful combos!

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    anna says:

    I wasn’t super thrilled about this line either, but I did order up a few 1/2 yards. I love the black/gray in the griswold plaid, it’s lovely!! Yes, dark for my tastes too, but I think it would make some great clothing. 🙂

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    amy says:

    i find this line so blah…. i like what you’ve done though… although i think i like the prints you added in more than the greenfield hill fabrics… i just really like a bit more colour when i sew 😀

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    I agree – I think it needs to be mixed up with other stuff, individually each bit of fabric is great. I got some the other day in the blues and it mixes nicely.

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    Clover says:

    i am loving your blog. I have never made a quilt but yours are gorgeous and I want to try a striped quilt. I want to make one as a sofa throw size and then start on one for my son who will be in a twin bed in a year or so. How do I know how to make the right measurements for the length and for the backing. Can you suggest a book, website or blog to teach me how??

    thanks so much!

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    Munaiba says:

    I don’t like this line either. I saw it in the blue colourway in a giveaway and I found it really depressing.

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    Chancy says:

    I am seriously loving those improv blocks. I love the mix of a modern look with a slightly less modern fabric line and some solids. So great.

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    Sonia says:

    I can’t wait to see this all together. I love what you have done with Greenfield. I really like these fabrics a lot.

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    Molly says:

    I have to agree about it being blah, by itself. Too many quilters use all the same line in their quilt without mixing it up, somehow. The fabrics you added to these were what makes the magic. Your quilts are always beautiful and interesting to look at. They have movement because of your combinations. Thanks!

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    Annie Wynen says:

    You’ve made it look fantastic

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    diane says:

    The green is my favorite of the line. I was on the fence on this until I saw it IRL then I ordered greens and blue.. still not sold (or did not buy) the coral.

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    Emmmylizzzy says:

    Def. not me, but I bet this would make some awesome man-quilts!

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    I absolutely love Denyse Schmidt and everything she creates. Greenfield Hill is such a gorgeous line and you have shown how elegantly it can be used. Beautiful blocks!

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    jeannette says:

    I love the blocks!! I also love everything DS creates and couldn’t wait for this new line. Is that improv block in her book? Also could you share the green dot fabric info please?

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    Lana says:

    Ok, that one is sold!
    I will be back!
    LOVE IT!!!!

  31. 30
    Kelly O. says:

    I think this line is too vintage-y for me but it does look pretty the way you’ve got it put together

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    Esther D. says:

    LOve love love this quilt! I saw it in the Magazine Quilters Newsletter and fell in love with it. I’m not draw to much to the colors but against the white they look beautiful!! Thinking about making a smaller version for my baby boys room!

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