a little greenfield hill in green

I’ll admit that when I first saw photos of Denyse Schmidt’s new Greenfield Hill line, I wasn’t over the moon with it. In fact, I thought that this might be a line that I passed by, mainly because these aren’t the typical colors I’m drawn to. When it came down to it though, I decided I ought to reserve judgment until I saw it in person, so I ordered a FQ stack from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics. Upon arrival, I still wasn’t sold – still darker than what I typically go for.

But to give it a fair chance, I decided to make a quilt using the green colorway (dogwood, I think?). I went to my stash to add in a few other prints, and had a little trouble (due to my love of brighter colors, my stash is filled with the same!). In the end I came up with this pile – adding in some Moda Lush (too bad this line is out of print, because I love how they look together!), a little Cake Rock Beach, a couple japanese polka dotted prints (purchased here), and a few Essex cotton/linen solids. And suddenly I was really feeling the possibilities of this little pile!

I had a design plan in mind, but at the last minute decided it just wasn’t right, so I decided to revisit an old favorite – a Denyse Schmidt inspired improv block, which seems only appropriate, right?

I made up four such blocks yesterday, and now I should be the first to admit that my opinion has definitely changed. I’m no longer iffy on this line – in fact I’m quite taken with it and can’t wait to make up some more blocks!

I hope to have a whole stack to show you in the near future!

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