flea market fancy for the bed

Well, after many hours of sewing this weekend (not to mention too much time spent crawling around on the floor!), I’m pleased to say that I manged to get this quilt top (nearly) finished. Many of you wondered what color sashing I was going to use… as you can see, I went with a solid white. I absolutely love how the flea market fancy prints look with bright white!

When I started this one, I wasn’t really thinking about what size it would be – I was more interested in just getting this one made — it’s one I had wanted to recreate since using this same design with the Heather Ross Far Far Away II fabrics. After cutting all the squares though, I realized that I could add a few more and have a more significantly sized quilt. I decided to try for a queen sized quilt, though since I didn’t really feel like doing any math, I kind of guessed at the amount needed.

Needless to say, upon completing all the sashing, I found that while it does fit the bed right now, it’s a bit smaller than I would like. I suppose it just goes to show that measuring and doing some math can be quite useful! I guess I’ll be adding a bit of extra sashing around the perimeter to get it up to size.

Anyway, I’m very happy with how it looks. I love that it uses just simple squares of fabric, but fancies it up a bit by setting them on point. Of course, all that sashing is a bit tedious to sew, but certainly worth it in the end! I’m going to be thrilled to get it quilted and get it on our bed. I’m thinking that this will probably be the last big quilt I make for right now – all that bending over and crawling around on the floor was no fun at 30 weeks pregnant!

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