a finished starburst quilt

Remember this crazy quilt? After many months of procrastination it’s finally finished!

I think it may become baby’s first playmat. What with all those colors and patterns, I don’t think you’ll ever see a stain!

I went back and forth on a backing, but ultimately settled on this great gray and white polka dot (Michael Miller Quarter Dot). I love the gray, and I think it lends a bit of calm to an otherwise crazy quilt.

I initially started quilting it with a loopy meander, but it was looking wrong, so I ripped it out and went for a favorite – random straight line quilting. I think it goes with the starburst look. I used an aqua solid for binding, and ta da… ready for the baby!

To be honest, I’d love it as a throw for the couch, but I couldn’t force myself to make any more of those starburst blocks! If you want to try this block out, I have a tutorial posted here.

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