a plethora of pretty potholders

It seems I may be in a bit of a potholder-making craze. I’m not entirely sure why, other than the fact that I find them fun to make, and a good way to make up different improv blocks without having to commit to an entire quilt (I have too many quilts that need finishing!)

After making my holiday themed potholders recently, I decided to do a series of Flea Market Fancy potholders, using just a couple colors for each pair of potholders.

They each have a unique improv-style block for the front, and a corresponding FMF backing, each bound in a solid brown.

And even though we’re in need of some updated fresh, clean potholders, I’m listing these in the shop instead, since I can’t pick a favorite! I figure whatever doesn’t sell can be the ones we keep!

(please note that I’m using a new shop — hopefully it will all work as it should, but certainly do let me know if you run into any problems!)

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