a Hope Valley queen sized quilt for Erich

I know some of you thought I was being a tease by showing you only the binding on my latest finished quilt earlier this week, but to be honest, I had just finished it and I was pretty excited to have it done. Making a queen sized quilt is quite a feat! They’re also pretty large, so I had to wait until I could find myself some volunteers to hold it up for photos.

You may remember that this is the quilt I’ve been working on for Erich, who was the one to make me the absolutely gorgeous sewing table. We worked out a little trade, and I’m so happy about it, since I don’t know that I could otherwise afford his woodworking prices! Plus, trading is fun – I love having something he’s made in my home and I certainly hope that he and my sister enjoy having a handmade quilt on their bed!

Whitney selected Denyse’s Hope Valley line which we paired with Kona Coal (her solid of choice, and a good one for a more masculine quilt!). I adjusted the measurements of my Unfurnished quilt to work for a queen sized quilt, adding a column and increasing the width of each column. I love that it works out so that there are three columns along the mattress and 1 column on each side.

For the backing I used a lot of Kona Coal, with an offset pieced section to mimic the pattern from the front. I think it will also make for a fun change should they tire of the pattern on the front!

I’m really happy to have this one done, and I’m even happier that I managed to get it to Erich before the nights really started to get cold!

As much as I love large quilts, I think I’ll be taking a little break before I attempt another!

(oh, kind of unrelated, but I forgot to mention it previously – I now have threaded comments, so if you’ve asked a question, check back for an answer.)

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