twin baby goldfish quilts

If I have one favorite go to fabric for baby quilts, this is it! I’m so in love with these Heather Ross goldfish!


These two little quilts were made and gifted last weekend to summer friends who are having twin boys in a couple months. I had such a great time pairing these cute little goldfish with some other fun fabrics.


I love the goldfish print in a strip quilt, since I think it’s fun to see a whole row of goldfish. In the past I’ve made similar strip quilts, using turquoises and oranges, or blues and browns… and this time I added in one of my favorite neutral solids, Kona Stone, as well as a bunch of orange, blue and brown prints and solids.


Both are quilted with simple straight lines, sewn 1/4″ away from each seam, and then bound with those cute stripey bindings!


I hope they will be well loved!


For those who might ask — the Heather Ross goldfish fabric is now out of print, but if you’re looking for something similar, you might look for the Heather Ross Munki Munki version of goldfish in bags. You can buy some over here from Kerri!

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