I made pillows…

…with hexagons!!


(I know, I almost can’t believe it myself.)

So you might remember my recent adventures with hexagons. I loved making the individual hexagons, but after making a bunch of them, I realized that I really disliked sewing them together by hand. I ended up giving most of them away, though I held on to this bunch, since they’re a match to a quilt I’m working on.

Spending last weekend sick on the couch must have helped, because I got four rows of hexagons sewn together (and no, I still don’t enjoy the process!). I pieced that hexagon strip in with some Kona Snow and came up with this pillow.


I quilted it with just a few simple lines running horizontally across the pillow and finished it with a little striped binding.

I wanted a second coordinating pillow, but knew that I couldn’t tolerate any more handsewing, so instead I went with something else I never do… applique. This one is inspired by a comment someone left during my hexagon giveaway, suggesting that it would be easier if I just appliqued the hexagons on individually – no handsewing required!


I scattered the hexagons across the Kona Snow somewhat haphazardly and then stitched them to the base fabric. I used similar simple quilting lines on this one, but did these on a slight diagonal.

I don’t think I’ll be making any more, but I really, really love these!

And now I better get working on that matching quilt!

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