spring top week!

I know I’ve told you this before (recently, I think! And maybe even multiple times!) but ’tis the season for me to want to drop everything and start dreaming about new spring tops, dresses and skirts. And hey, look at this… I’m not the only one!

Last year, the lovely and talented Rae, of Made by Rae, started Spring Top Week to showcase handmade spring tops – those she made (and she made quite a number of fabulous tops!) and also those made by others. It seemed to be the push we all needed, because there were a ton of great entries last year! This photo shows the finalists from last year —


I’m happy to tell you that Rae’s doing it again, and it’s even bigger this year! There’s a Flickr pool set up so you can show off your spring tops and Rae will be featuring many of them on her blog during Spring Top Week. There will also be judging and prizes for the winners!

I’m super excited this year to have been asked to participate as one of the judges, so as soon as you start submitting your tops, we’ll get to start scoring them!

You can read all about the 2010 Spring Top Week here, including the submission rules/guidelines. Spring Top Week is May 1-7, but you can start submitting your spring tops today. Entries will be accepted through April 30th.

I’m hoping this will give me the added push I need to actually start sewing a new top for myself! I keep coming back to this one –


— a cute little wrap top from my new Stylish Dress Book v.3 (ISBN 9784579112852). (Of course, I’m still a tad bit worried about those Japanese directions!)

So how about it? Do you have a pattern you’ve been waiting to try?


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9 Responses to spring top week!

  1. 1
    Julie says:

    Sewing tops isn’t really my thing, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with. And that top you’ve been eyeing is beautiful! Can’t wait to see your take on it 🙂

  2. 2
    amanda says:

    So, I have to ask – which of the three Stylish Dress Books do you best like the look of?

  3. 3
    Megan says:

    Oh cool Ashley! This will give me the push I need to cut into my fave Nani Iro and make a top for our Mexico vacation!

  4. 4
    Annalia says:

    I always buy top patterns for myself, but I have yet to sew one. ….maybe because I buy them all the time…which I’m going to stop doing.

  5. 5
    Margarida says:

    I got a japanese book from my sister and so far, the only thing I managed to do was to copy the patterns… I have to “read” – meaning “i don’t know exactly what” the japanese directions.
    By the end of this week I hope I manage to make a dress for my goddaughter:-)))

  6. 6
    Ana says:

    Hi. Could you post the ISBN for your Japanese sewing book please? I looked for it on YesAsia but couldn’t find it. Thanks a million!

  7. 7
    Kyla says:

    Hey sorry i haven’t written for a while i am sooo busy with lacrosse and school and have no time what so ever. THis is such a great idea i love it!! The tops are so cute and i wish that i could make things that adorable! I particually like the pink scoop neck with ruffles. I hope that you get to make some tops for yourself, something new for a change haha. Though you have mastered the quilts and they are so cute, I’m sure the shirts will be just as good. Good luck judging that’s a lot of pressure.

  8. 8
    Rebecca says:

    Could you tell me what the pattern used for the last shirt on the right on the bottom row is? I love it! I love them all really!

  9. 9
    Leandre says:

    Hi Ashley–I came to via Made by Rae this morning and was thoroughly immersed in your blog within minutes. It just so happens that we live in the same town (ok, South Burlington is a city, but I like “town” better). I’m sure we’ve crossed paths. I won’t have an opportunity to participate in Spring Top week, but you’re in my RSS feed so I’ll be reading along. Love, LOVE your quilts.

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