a sprinkling of hexagons, flea market fancy style


Nice gray weather, right? These blah gray days make me dislike Vermont in the winter. Plus, it makes it awfully hard to get a decent photo!

Anyway, the quilt…these half hexagons have been waiting to be sewn into a quilt for some time now! I cut them all many, many months ago, and then they sat in a box forever. After the design wall was hung, I put a few up, just for something nice to look at, and they’ve been there since.

I had big plans at one point, but finally I had to admit to myself that I just wasn’t going to get around to it. So instead, I went with an old favorite… I used a similar design for the original Sprinkling of Hexagons, and it remains one of my very favorites. For this one, I used the Flea Market Fancy prints for the hexagons, on a background of solid white. The actual sprinkling of hexagons goes across the lower section of this quilt, with just a few hexagons in the upper corner.


It’s backed with one of my favorite green prints from the Flea Market Fancy line


and bound with Kona Coal, which really looks great with this fabric.


This one measures in at about 37″ x 45″, so a nice baby quilt size, or a perfect size for a nice wall hanging. It is now listed in the shop.

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18 Responses to a sprinkling of hexagons, flea market fancy style

  1. 1
    Mary says:

    It looks great! Yes, it does look dark and gray there. Brrr.

  2. 2
    marty says:

    Love the hexagons. I especially like the sprinkling of them. It looks fresh and OH so cold.

  3. 3
    Sally says:

    I just love your hexagon quilts. They are so creative and beautiful.

  4. 4

    I love hexagons and FMF, so put them both together and you get a fabulous quilt! Love the sprinkling of the hexagons — very unique. I think this would make a very interesting wall hanging.

    I no photographer, but it is harder to get good pictures with so many rainy, gray days. Our snow has come and gone here, and you never know if more will come or not. I have to admit that I wish we had some because I am loving all the pictures of quilts in the snow. I just finished a value quilt top in Kaffe Fassett fabrics that would look beautiful with a snowy background. I guess it’s not too far to drive up into the mountains. Maybe after it’s quilted….

  5. 5
    jaybird says:

    beautiful!! i heart hexagons & i love the white space that you made!

  6. 6

    Ditto jaybird above. Not much I can add to that!

    I bought all the Kona white they had a JoAnn’s yesterday, which was a measly two yards. Hope they restock soon!

  7. 7
    Diane says:

    Oh my! This is stunning! I love it so much!

  8. 8
    Kate says:

    You come up with the most amazing designs. Love it!

  9. 9
    Nirnaeth says:

    Have you ever thought about writing a quilt book with some of your designs? As this is gorgeous.

  10. 10

    That quilt is so bright and cheerful, it makes the greys go away!!

  11. 11
  12. 12
    Riel says:

    That is really cheerful and lovely — a nice contrast to a cold grey winter day. Great blog!

  13. 13
    Claire says:

    I am going to try to make this quilt, but in a king size, with bigger hexagons. Do you have a suggestion for how to quilt such a large quilt?

  14. 14
    Natalie says:

    Do you have a tutorial on how to do hexagons? Or do you have suggestion son where I can find one? Your qulits are BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  16. 15
    sandra says:

    I LOVE your style! I have been seriously inspired by looking through your quilt photos! I wish I could pin everyone of them to pinterest. Just lovely. Exactly what i have been looking for, i have some fabric that i knew needed to be something special but couldn’t find the LOOK i wanted to achieve. Thank You 🙂

  17. 16
    Corinne says:

    I love your hexagon quilt!!! I wanted to make a wall hanging quilt for myself out of a family members neckties for the hexagaons. My question is did you do an applique process with all the hexagons onto the main solid fabric or did you sew them into the solid white? What would you suggest doing with not using a cotton fabric but older ties.
    Thank you

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