a sprinkling of hexagons, flea market fancy style


Nice gray weather, right? These blah gray days make me dislike Vermont in the winter. Plus, it makes it awfully hard to get a decent photo!

Anyway, the quilt…these half hexagons have been waiting to be sewn into a quilt for some time now! I cut them all many, many months ago, and then they sat in a box forever. After the design wall was hung, I put a few up, just for something nice to look at, and they’ve been there since.

I had big plans at one point, but finally I had to admit to myself that I just wasn’t going to get around to it. So instead, I went with an old favorite… I used a similar design for the original Sprinkling of Hexagons, and it remains one of my very favorites. For this one, I used the Flea Market Fancy prints for the hexagons, on a background of solid white. The actual sprinkling of hexagons goes across the lower section of this quilt, with just a few hexagons in the upper corner.


It’s backed with one of my favorite green prints from the Flea Market Fancy line


and bound with Kona Coal, which really looks great with this fabric.


This one measures in at about 37″ x 45″, so a nice baby quilt size, or a perfect size for a nice wall hanging. It is now listed in the shop.

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