modern quilters in new england?

Have you had a chance to read about the Modern Quilting Guilds popping up around the country? Alissa started the Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild last year, which was immediately quite a success, and since then there have been new branches starting in many different areas. You can check the Modern Quilt Guild site to see if there’s a branch near you (and if not, you can find information about starting one!)

I’m pleased to report that there’s even a New England branch! And we’d love for you to join! (you can sign up here). Monet is doing a great job setting it all up and adding links to quilting/fabric shops in each state. I really hope there will be a lot of interest so we can get things going and have some quilty fun of our own!


(it’s not a post without a picture, right? Polka dots from Fabricworm… right at home in Morgan’s old baby chair)

Oh, and also, I was nominated I nominated myself (they actually encouraged it!) for a Poppy through the Poppytalk Handmade Awards event. It’s time for voting, so if you’re interested, you can head over here to see the other nominees and to place a vote. Maybe you’ll throw a vote my way? (unless of course you’re appalled that I nominated myself!!)

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