my new favorite fabric…little folks voile!

This quilt turned out even better than I had hoped!


We’ll call this the first finished quilt of 2010 (it’s actually the third, but since I have yet to show you the first two, this can become the first). As I mentioned in this post, I decided to use prints from Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks line, specifically the prints from the Playground palette, with a few extra blues added in for good measure.


I did a simple patchwork design, with 3.5″ squares. And then I went for simple straight line quilting, sewing diagonally through every other square. I added a second stitch line to every other line because I just love the look of a double stitch line!


I was really feeling a white backing, so I went with Kona Snow for the majority of it, adding in a vertical strip of the extra voile squares.


This white backing with just a few squares really makes me really happy. So does that pattern the quilting makes. Oh, and for those who have asked, I do use a walking foot for the straight line quilting. I don’t have a double needle though, so when I do a double quilt line, I just do a second line about 1/4″ away from the first.


A few of you commented that you wondered how the voile would be in a quilt, and I’m here to tell you that I think it’s wonderful. It’s truly the nicest-feeling quilt that I have. I kinda wish I had made it my size (this one is about 37″ x 43″, so more baby-sized than Ashley-sized)… although then I probably would have spent all my time laying under it on the couch!


I only had two small problems working with it, but they’re really minor, so don’t let that deter you… first, I had a bit of trouble determining the right side of a few of the fabrics. This might be the only fabric I own where the back is almost as nice as the front! I had to get a second opinion from Morgan on a few of my squares before sewing them together (see, minor!). My second issue was in basting… not my favorite part of quilting. I use spray adhesive so I can get it over with faster, and unfortunately, spray adhesive doesn’t seem to adhere to this fabric! I don’t own safety pins, so I had to resort to straight pins. And any of you who’ve tried this will know that it’s a bad idea. I stuck myself more times than I’d care to recall.

Otherwise though, I’m totally in love, and already planning the next one. Probably in the Moonlight palette. Yes, definitely.

Oh, and this is unrelated, but I did a bit of organizing and fabric-putting-away last night, and I pulled out some older fabrics from my stash which I’ve listed in the shop (had to make room for new fabrics you know!)

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