you can’t go wrong with goldfish, right?

By far my favorite go-to print for a baby boy quilt. (I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out!)

The latest –


Simple brown and blue prints, with the goldfish as the star. I love it already.

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    Andie says:

    Love, love that goldfish fabric! And the dots – so yummy.

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    bear says:

    I love the brown stripe and the kei honeycomb! Do you have any suggestions for smaller neutral prints? I’m constantly on the search for other great dots, stripes, plaids and such… But I never know where to start.

    – bear

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    Chris says:

    What wonderful selection – you have a great eye for fabric combos
    Chris x

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    Cristin says:

    Oh yummy to boot! Can’t wait to see what layout you design… its going to be fabulous!

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    cheri says:

    I know the feeling. I first saw those adorable fish on a pattern called surf shop by crazy old ladies. The fish were swimming around on the surf boards and I had to have them. I was on an eternal search for a fabric that had been retired for a year or so. I found one quilt shop that still had a bolt in their shop of the fish and the fish in the bags. Oh, I remember that feeling of walking into that shop and seeing the fabric… I kept going back until I had spent way too much money and had nearly bought it all. It will be such a sad day when it ends…

    I love these colors for the quilt… can’t wait to see it done.

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    Meg says:

    Gorgeous! I love that color combo for a boy-ish quilt, and those fish are too cute!

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    Whitney says:

    It’s amazing how cute a quilt can be before it’s even been started…or maybe it’s just that your fabric choices always look so nice stacked together. What’s the plan? Or do I dare ask, lest you choose to do another patchwork square quilt?! (Oh, MEAN! Just picking on you for picking on yourself…)

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    Chancy says:

    I love it. Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it starts to come together.

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    Ellen Price says:

    I love that goldfish fabric…where can I get some of it? I have the perfect quilt project for it!

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    That goldfish fabric IS amazing! We all need to write and have it reprinted if it is out of stock, seriously!

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    Jeannine says:

    I am hoarding a half a yard of the goldfish in a bag (I have plenty of the free-swimming goldfish) and I’m almost scared to use it, but I don’t want to run out!

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    Dawn W says:

    I’m hoarding a yard of that fabric, and the blue named fishies to go with it. When it goes out of print, it’s like a little treasure that I don’t even want to cut into until I have the perfect quilt in mind. Can’t wait to see yours – you always do such a nice job!

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    Jennifer says:

    I loooove this! I have my goldfish fabric pulled out in a stack, but the rest of the fabrics just aren’t inspiring me. THIS is inspiring!

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    Audrie says:

    So so lovely… Great combination. I get very nervous when I start to run out of my favourite fabrics!

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    Kyla says:

    That has to be my favorite fabric the goldfish are the cutest thing!!!! The fabrics look great together and will make a great quilt.

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    Deb says:

    LOVE all the fabrics together! I’d love to see a post on how you think out what you’re doing…how you decide what pattern to go with based on both the yardage and fabrics you have…or did you buy the exact yardage needed for what you already had in mind? In other words, how did you get to this point and what’s the next step, etc., etc. I’m wondering if a post telling us what’s in a designer’s brain would help us end up with beautiful quilts like yours. šŸ™‚ Thanks…looking forward to the finished product!

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    Leigh says:

    Cute! I just made a goldfish in bags quilt with the fish as the center of a wonky star. Mine is blue and orange. I’m posting it soon, so come over and see it!

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    Emily says:

    Are those brown little airplanes?! Could you tell me what the name/line of that ones is, pretty pls?

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    Anna says:

    I love the tiny airplanes, it’s so perfect. What a great combo!

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    My favorite go-to print for boys was some animals from a Noah’s Ark print. I have run out and not found a suitable replacement. I know Heather Ross prints are scarce, but I just love that Goldfish.

    I will have to find a new go-to.

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    giselle says:

    I love your fabric stacks… so inspiring! The goldfish are the cutest, can’t wait to see what you create!

  24. 24
    anina says:

    Oh wow! This is going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  25. 25
    Tracey says:

    Things that make me say ooooooo.

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    Holly says:

    LOVE it! Thanks for the constant inspiration!

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    Shannon says:

    I love that fabric, too, and yet I own absolutely NONE of it. Seriously need to think about buying up tons of Munki pajamas in that print.

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    SO happy I have some of those little fishies. They are SO cute. But I really love the rest of the fabrics you chose to go with them. Can’t wait to see this quilt!

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    whitney says:

    I love the goldfish too! Sadly mine all got used up on a blanket for my little boy. Well sad for me but not for him – he loves it! Don’t you just love how soft it is! Can’t wait to see what you make with it.

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    wendy says:

    Can’t go wrong with full moon dots and kei dots either!

  31. 31
    Melissa L. says:

    love love LOVE the color combo! Can’t wait to see the completed quilt! But I’m wondering – how on earth are you already done with THREE quilts, and its only January 7th!?! Do you work for a living???? Or… just not sleep! šŸ™‚

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    Patty Carroll says:

    Love this fabric- boy quilts are so boring-this is delicious!

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    GingerW says:

    My friend who has the goldfish in a bag quilt that you made in ’09 says that her baby is now trying to pick up the fish when she is lying on the quilt!

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    keriann says:

    ok please email me a link or come leave a comment on my blog and share with me where you found that gold fish fabric!! I am so in love with it!! I already did a baby blanket for my youngest son in white bright blue and oranges with crabs and fishies! I must have that goldfish fabric!

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    I can’t figure out how to buy this!! How di I go about it?

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