i couldn’t resist. (buying more fabric)

Well, we’re back from Florida. It was nice to get away, and even nicer to be in a warm, sunny climate. We both were working though, so it was less of a vacation and more of just an opportunity to be warm. It certainly was no fun to return to the 7 degree temps of Vermont.

I was happy to return to my sewing machine though, and also to a pile of new fabrics. When I go away and I can’t sew, I tend to shop…

I just couldn’t resist the new Anna Maria Horner Little Folks voile –


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but now I’m totally in love. I laughed when I kept reading on other blogs about how people just wanted to touch this fabric, but it’s totally true. You’ll want to do the same thing. Trust me. I don’t have any specific plans for it, but even if it just sits in a pile looking pretty, that would be fine with me! Purchased from Charlie and Lindsay at Hawthorne Threads.

And of course I couldn’t resist replenishing my Hope Valley stash…


I needed some extras for my orange and purple Hope Valley quilt, and I got a bit more of the blues and grays for another quilt I have in mind. I purchased some yardage from Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics, and some from Kerri at Sew Deerly Loved.

And lastly, solids. Of course. You know I never tire of them.


Half of these are Kona cottons, and the other half are Moda Bella Solids.

Now I just wish I had time to sew!

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23 Responses to i couldn’t resist. (buying more fabric)

  1. 1
    Cristin says:

    Voile… funny word, and it DOES sound touchable! GREAT fabrics you nabbed! Makes me want to go shopping (online, while at work!) Shhhhh! No one will know!

  2. 2
  3. 3
    Jenny says:

    I love piles of fabric…yours always look particularly nice.

  4. 4
    Julie says:

    I have stash envy, the fabric is beautiful!

  5. 5
    Lesly says:

    I covet that voile so much.

  6. 6
  7. 7
    Audrie says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t hear / read a word you said… too busy being mesmerised by pretty, pretty fabric 🙂

  8. 8
  9. 9
    Sara says:

    Would this be good for making clothes? I don’t know entirely what voile is but was thinking it might do very well for that purpose. (I’ve read quilt fabric isn’t always appropriate, or has to be used carefully, so thought this would be a good option).

  10. 10

    I haven’t even made anything out of Hope Valley yet and I’ve already ordered more! 🙂 I love that pile of solids. So tempting.

  11. 11
    Amber says:

    I totally agree about the voile – I just want to touch it…it’s so soft and silky. Trying to figure out the perfect pattern to use to make the girls some clothes out of it…

  12. 12
    Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    I would be so happy to have exactly each of those stacks in my sewing room. You choose such lovely fabric.

  13. 13
  14. 14
    Kath says:

    Delicious fabrics! I am loking for a plain blue for my crazy courthouse steps quilt, which is on my Blog today. I am very excited to see you have just the shade in your pile of plains. It is the third (Kona?) colour from the top, a kind of mid blue. Could you please tell me what it is called?

  15. 15

    I got the AMH Pastry Line in the mail yesterday, voile in the solid colors with the scalloped white lines. Love it. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. Right now I touch it every time I walk past the colorful stack.

  16. 16

    All very lovely… curious as to which you prefer, the bella solids or konas?

  17. 17
    CitricSugar says:

    Who can blame you! These are great picks and I am coveting your stash…

  18. 18
    marty says:

    I don’t think there should ever be any hint of guilt when buying fabric. I love stacks of color in my studio. It’s inspiring. Your stacks make me want to go to the guilt, I mean quilt shop and gather some more inspiration.

  19. 19
    Kyla says:

    LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!!! They are alll soooo cute!!! Nice choices.

  20. 20
    Tif says:

    i can never have enough of looking at stash pics…especially solids – yum! thanks so much for sharing!!!

  21. 21

    why oh why did i get put on a fabric freeze…..misery.

  22. 22
    Margie says:

    Thanks so much for the Hawthorne Threads Fabric link. Their site is great and the prices are amazing! I think I might need some of the voile. Thanks for the eye candy.

  23. 23
    Mary says:

    OH yeah, I was also seduced by the voile in person! One big negative of the internet, just looking at this does nothing, but feeling it, it should be called silk though it is cotton.

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