a new design wall (and other weekend scenes)


Up until now, my design wall has been the floor. I didn’t mind it so much, though sometimes it made getting through the house challenging – trying to jump over the various quilt pieces without disturbing their placement. I knew a design wall would be helpful, but since I do all my sewing at the dining room table, right in the middle of our house, I just couldn’t commit to draping a very visible wall with quilt batting.


So here’s my solution… instead of covering the entire wall, I decided to make it slightly smaller so that I could frame it, which hopefully makes it look more like a framed piece of art.


We got all the supplies at Lowe’s – we used 1″ thick styrofoam (a 4′ x 8′ sheet), and bought several pieces of wood which we Morgan stained. I covered the styrofoam with white quilt batting, and Morgan built the frame. And I just love the result! It’s so fun to have ever-changing art!


We also did a bit of Christmas decorating…

The stockings were hung,


and we decided at the last minute to get a Christmas tree.


It was slim pickings since we were kind of late in getting one, so this one is a bit short, sparse, and strangely shaped… but I think that’s what makes me like it even more.


Plus, it gave me a reason to pull out the Christmas tree skirt!

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