munki in the middle, version 2 (a & b)


So this is a tale of two quilts… twin quilts, actually. But to be perfectly honest, it’s not so much a tale as it is me just showing you a bunch of photos of my newest love. And yes, I totally love this quilt. So much so that I had to make it a twin. The first one was intended for the shop, but then I fell in love, and so the second one was then destined for the shop, but now they seem so happy together… and yikes, this is why we have no room in our house!


But seriously, they’re just too cute. I guess you could call this a combination of my munki martian quilt and the munki in the middle, version 1. I continued with the fussy cut munki munki fabrics for the centers, with a thin white solid border to set off the print. Then for these quilts, I used 12 different fun solids – 1 solid for each block. I added another white solid strip around each block and sashed it in this great light gray solid.


The backing on each is simple, just a solid – two shades of aqua on one


and two shades of pink for the other, set off with a couple strips of the solid white.


For the quilting, I decided to go with several straight lines – three in one direction, and two in the other. The grid pattern is offset a bit to make sure that I didn’t quilt right through the munki centers.


The binding is Kona Coal (of course!), and they measure approximately 34″ x 44″.

If only we had twins!


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