a winner!! and a mini zig zag quilt

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments on the giveaway post! I’ve had such a nice week reading them over and checking out some new blogs. This morning I used random.org to select the winner of the mini quilt –


#266, Rachel, who is new to quilting and is in the process of building up a fabric stash! I’ve sent you an email Rachel!

And speaking of mini quilts, here’s another I made this week…


This started out as a test – I had been thinking about zig zags again, and I kept coming back to the idea of a thin white strip between the zig zags. I thought I’d give it a try, so I grabbed a few larger scraps from my scrap bin. As you can see, I managed to get a bit of the thin white zig zag, but when they were sewn together, I lost a bit of the tip of the point of each zig zag in the seam.


It still gives the look I was after though, so I decided to keep going with it and turn it into a mini quilt by adding white to either side of the zig zag section.

The quilting is my favorite part – I started by stitching 1/4″ away from the zig zags in the patterned section. Then to create some interest in the solid white sections, I echoed the zig zag lines 1/4″ apart through most of the white sections. The top portion of white is a larger area, so after doing several quilting lines, I measured out a zig zag section and left that part unquilted. Then I continued with the same zig zag quilting lines all the way to the top edge. (My explanation may not make sense – here’s a photo!)


This little quilt is going to my sister, who plans to make a frame for it and hang it. I’m glad it’ll be nearby so I’ll get to see it!


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