california dreamin’, in stripes


I showed you a glimpse of these fabrics earlier in the California Dreamin’ mini quilt, but here you’ll be able to fully see Jenean Morrison’s beautiful fabrics from her new line, California Dreamin’. She wanted a simple striped pattern to show off the fabrics, and I was happy to oblige! I had such fun playing around with the order as well as the widths of the stripes to make these two beautiful quilts.


I started with this one because I was immediately drawn to the pinks and oranges.


I was certain this one would be my favorite, and it was, up until I made the second quilt in this colorway –


I particularly love the back of this one… echoing the stripes from the front, but just in small sections  – (and yes, the solid is Kona Olive again!)


Once they were both done I couldn’t decide which I liked better! (Ok, I’ll just say it — I love them both!!)

Typically when I know that I’m making a quilt for someone else, I don’t usually have a problem letting go, but in this case I had a hard time. I procrastinated sending them to her, and even contemplated holding them hostage for good. (I’m kidding… sort of!)

Here I am pretending that they actually belong to me — oh wait, what? You don’t take your someone else’s quilts out for a stroll?


Ah… anyway, you’ll all be pleased to know that I did ship them off, and Jenean should be receiving them any day now. And then they’ll hopefully be making their way to Quilt Market. If anyone happens to be going and should happen to catch a glimpse, snag me a photo, will you?!


Thanks again Jenean!

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