cookies & cream baby string quilt

Finished! and oh so cute!


I think everyone already knows how much I love these string quilts! I previously made a black and white string quilt using a solid green, and this time I decided to go with this beautiful blue solid. This time I made the solid strips a bit skinnier (1 inch) – I like how the blue is present, but doesn’t take away from the black and white prints.


What’s interesting about working with all these black and white prints is that you discover that all blacks and all whites are not created equal! When they’re put together, you can really see the color differences. You can see it a bit in the photo above – some of the whites are creamier and some are really starkly white. Luckily, I really like the combination of whites and creams in this quilt!

For the backing, I used this fun Robert Kaufman print, with a strip of polka dots paired with the blue solid.


The blue is also used for the binding to tie it all together.


I stippled this one using a nice light gray Mettler thread, which really looks nice with both the whites and the blacks. This quilt is larger than the last, measuring about 44″ x 51″.

It’s now for sale in my shop (though I won’t lie, I kind of want to keep it for myself!)

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