the start of my munki munki quilt

I’ve been collecting fabrics for this quilt for some time now… you already know that I’m a huge Heather Ross fan, and for the past several months I’ve been collecting bits and pieces of her munki munki fabrics.


I really must blame give credit to Rachel for this, my latest obsession. Many months ago she generously shared a bit of these prints with me, and since then I’ve been kind of addicted to finding other prints (as many of you know, this now involves buying munki munki pajamas in large enough sizes just so I can cut them up and reuse the fabric for something else! sad, really…)


I’m going for a soft, muted color palette for this one – it really does remind me of spring/summer… new grass, clear skies and the sun’s rays… it’s a perfect match for our bedroom color, so I’m hoping I’ll have enough fabric to make it queen sized.


These are smaller blocks, so I have many (many!) more to make before I can show you a completed quilt top… so for now, just this peek at a few blocks…


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