in progress.

I don’t have much to show today, since I seem to have fallen back into a bad habit of starting new projects before finishing the last. I’ll show you what’s in the works though –

I’ve been working on a scrappy quilt, again inspired by another quilt back. My scraps are once again out of control and I had hoped this would help, but so far I haven’t noticed it really making a dent. (is it possible that they multiply at night?)


And then, since I kept seeing such lovely half hexagon quilts, I had to get in on the fun. This one will be a baby quilt, with hexagons made out of Far Far Away fabrics.


I also have the second abstract quilt ready to be quilted, but before I can do so I have to figure out how to use my new machine…


The name alone intimidates me. The GrandQuilter. I don’t think I really need anything so grand. Maybe they could have just called it the Quilter.

In any case, I have a manual to read. And then I should probably start practicing. Apparently it’s capable of 1600 stitches a minute, which just makes me fear for my fingers. I’m nothing if not clumsy… case in point? Just this morning I managed to dump my morning coffee right down the front of my shirt… not the outside mind you, but right down under my shirt – between my shirt and skin. Lovely! (luckily I like it with A LOT of milk, so it was only warm, not scalding!)

Anyway, hope the weather’s great where you are, and I hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

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