second time around


I really can’t get enough of squares within squares (within squares!)

This is the second quilt made out of this same selection of fabrics and I think this one is my favorite of the two. There’s something about those squares…


Oh, and there’s something about poppies too… these are in the botanical garden right near our house. I thought you all might be ready for a change of background!


I really like the backing of this one too. I already showed this the other day, but here it is all completed –


I used up the larger pieces I had left for this abstract design. I really think it’s fun (as you already know, I think it’s so fun that I started another which will have this type of design as the front).

And here they are side by side. Now I wish that I had made them twin-sized… wouldn’t they look cute in a bedroom with two twin beds? (of course, I don’t have a bedroom with a set of twin beds, so I suppose it doesn’t really matter now, does it?!)


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