yard sale find and the start of quilt #2

I do love yard sales! And now that they’re starting up around here again, that’s where you’ll find me every Saturday morning… I’m never looking for anything specific, and to be perfectly honest, we don’t really have room for any more yard sale finds, but I just can’t help myself! I love vintage items, and have a soft spot in my heart for old, (usually broken!) wooden furniture.

The find for this week fell into the vintage category… in the form of this lovely old Singer. I really don’t know much about older sewing machines, but I love the look of the older ones and I just couldn’t pass it up.


What’s kind of interesting about this one is that the finish is a matte black, rather than the typical smooth & shiny finish. I kind of like it.


Anyway, I need to do a bit of oiling, and maybe some research on it, and then I think it may become my ‘upstairs machine’. (you know, for those times when I really need to sew something but am too lazy to head downstairs!)

Thanks for all the great comments on the modified bento box quilt! I haven’t made any more progress on it, but I did start a few blocks for the next quilt – didn’t I tell you there’d be a second in these same colors?!


I think it will be fun to see them side by side!

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