a modified bento box quilt

For a little while there I just wasn’t feeling inspired by my fabrics. Then I pulled out this stack and thought that maybe I could do something with them.


Of course, then the dilemma was what to make! I had it in mind to do a modified bento box quilt, so I initially started making large 16″ blocks… but then I kind of liked them as full blocks and wasn’t sure I wanted to chop them into quarters… (I did finally go for it, as you can see below, but I’m thinking that there may be a second quilt done with full blocks, made with these same colors.)


I’m not totally in love with it at the moment. I mean, I do like it, especially now that the top’s finished. And I think it’s fun, in kind of a crazy way. And it’s definitely bold… I think it just might be one of those that I really start liking once it’s completely finished.


I better get working on the back so I can finish it up and start loving it!

Oh, and since a few have asked, there are patterns you can purchase for a bento box quilt. I just googled ‘bento box quilt pattern’ and a few different patterns came up, all around $9. I didn’t use a pattern for this quilt, but since there seems to be interest, I just may do up a quick tutorial for you… (note to self – remember to take photos during the project!)

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