picnic stripes

I’ve been into stripes lately.

I made a strip quilt a while ago out of some Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabric, and I knew I’d want to make another at some point.


Then I came across this quilt at Anthropologie, and was instantly reminded that I had this in mind to make. I had already pulled out a stack of fabrics and thought they’d work perfectly.


I wanted this quilt to be wider than the last I made, so these strips are all pieced together to create a width just shy of 70″. I was a bit short on a few, so I pieced in some other fabric, then really liked the look and did the same for a few of the other strips.

As for the fabric — I used a lot of Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks fabric, and suddenly I realized that it ended up looking somewhat like this quilt she showed over on her blog… I guess using the same fabric line with a strip quilt design will do that! In any case, I love how well her fabrics pair with so many other fabrics. I can see that she mixed in some Katie Jump Rope and some of her older lines, while I added in some solids, Cake Rock Beach, Lush and Alexander Henry fabrics.

Maybe this quilt should be the new picnic quilt (though I can’t remember the last time I actually went on a picnic!). It looks pretty good on the grass!


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22 Responses to picnic stripes

  1. 1
    Leslie says:

    this quilt is beautiful….the strips are so elegant in their simplicity. I checked out the one at Anthropologie and yours is far prettier

  2. 2
    Leisel says:

    Ooooo! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! You have such a good eye for fabric mixing and piecing. I hope one day to figure it out. . .

  3. 3
    yahaira says:

    I love it! Now you HAVE to go on some picnics this summer

  4. 4
    Michelle says:

    Once again, love what you’ve done! Although, it’s hard to go wrong with Good Folks. 😉

  5. 5
    Serena says:

    It’s gorgeous! I want to make one now…and I’m not a quilter.

  6. 6
    Erin says:

    So pretty! Can’t wait to see how you quilt + bind it!

  7. 7
    Whitney says:

    I may be the only one willing to say it (cause I know the rest of your readers are thinking it, too), but I feel like I’ve seen that fence before and I must tell you that I’m awfully tired of all your photos having the same backdrop. Please, please, please find somewhere new to take your pictures?!

    Love all your photos, just making sure you’ll fit in my car again someday, need I ever give you a ride.

    • 8
      admin says:

      hey whit – aren’t you funny?! i’ll try and change it up this summer, but won’t you be sorry you said anything when i’m dragging you around town making you hold up quilts for me… !

  8. 9
    heather says:

    Love it. I’m going to start your kalidescope one today or tomorrow!!! I’m scrapping the spiderweb quilt and going with yours!!! I can’t wait!!! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. I love your style!

  9. 10
    Kate says:

    It does look fabulous on the grass! I am waiting on a lovely stack of fat quarters from Anna Maria…ohh the anticipation! Looking forward to seeing your strip quilt quilted 🙂

  10. 11

    Lovely. Hey, there isn’t any white in it! I’ve got plans for a strip quilt myself, among the many others on deck.

  11. 12
    Karen says:

    I am adding this to the endless mental list of things I want to make! Gorgeous!

  12. 13
    Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    I vote for more picnics and more quilts like this!

  13. 14
    V says:

    so much better than that anthropologie quilt! looks great!

  14. 15
    MLE says:

    Striped quilts are so simple, yet so pretty! after seeing yours, I realize that I need to make one soon! As always, thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts!!

  15. 16
    Kat says:

    Very beautiful projects! Thanks for sharing.

  16. 17
    Chris says:

    I love your ability to coordinate fabric! You made a quilt of simple charm-like squares last year that is photographed over a fence. The binding is brown (sorry I don’t know if this quilt is named). What fabric lines did you use for it? I lust after it when it shows up in your blog header and I have to know how to get those fabric combos! Thanks! And thank you for sharing your creativity with us – it is contagious!

  17. 18
    amandajean says:

    it’s a beautiful quilt! i have to agree, it does look good on the grass. 🙂

  18. 19
    Ginger says:

    Another beautiful quilt! I didn’t even bother to look at the Anthropologie quilt since everyone before me swears yours is much prettier, and I don’t doubt it a bit.

  19. 20
    Sara says:

    Yours is way better than the Anthopologie quilt. I love these sorts of quilts, because they remind you of all the other projects you’ve made with the fabric and all the people you’ve given them to. You’re so prolific, it’s awesome.

  20. 21
    erica says:

    Thats a great looking quilt top!

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