picnic stripes

I’ve been into stripes lately.

I made a strip quilt a while ago out of some Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabric, and I knew I’d want to make another at some point.


Then I came across this quilt at Anthropologie, and was instantly reminded that I had this in mind to make. I had already pulled out a stack of fabrics and thought they’d work perfectly.


I wanted this quilt to be wider than the last I made, so these strips are all pieced together to create a width just shy of 70″. I was a bit short on a few, so I pieced in some other fabric, then really liked the look and did the same for a few of the other strips.

As for the fabric — I used a lot of Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks fabric, and suddenly I realized that it ended up looking somewhat like this quilt she showed over on her blog… I guess using the same fabric line with a strip quilt design will do that! In any case, I love how well her fabrics pair with so many other fabrics. I can see that she mixed in some Katie Jump Rope and some of her older lines, while I added in some solids, Cake Rock Beach, Lush and Alexander Henry fabrics.

Maybe this quilt should be the new picnic quilt (though I can’t remember the last time I actually went on a picnic!). It looks pretty good on the grass!


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