Birds of a feather


Thanks to a rainy Saturday, I got this one quilted, bound and washed. You may recall that I made this quilt to feature one of my favorite (now out of print) fabrics – these great paint by number birds. They originally came in 4 colors, and thanks to some online friends, I had a bit in three of the four colors. I decided to use all of them in this one quilt – going for improv-style blocks  with one of the birds as the center of each block.


And as if there weren’t already enough birds in this quilt, I decided to use a few more for the back… just simple blocks here – each bird is framed with one of the fabrics used on the front, and then, because I couldn’t help myself, I had to add in one of the little flowers in the lower corner.


I used this pink polka dot fabric (MoMo Wonderland) for the binding, with one little section of the green polka dots. Love it!


And now that this one’s completed, I’m kind of tempted to do something similar with the paint by number deer… overkill? Probably…!

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